Product Care

How to maintain an Air Conditioner

  • For Optimum Performance

    General - During Cleaning

    • Close all windows and doors.
    • Draw the curtains / blinds.
    • Human comfort temperature is between 23°C - 25°C.
    • It takes an average of 1 - 2 hours to cool a room.
    • Do not block air inlets and outlets of the indoor unit and outdoor unit.
  • Care and Cleaning

    Air Filter

    • Air filters should be cleaned every two weeks.
    • Failure to do so will impair the flow and cooling capacity of your system.

    Air Purefying Filters

    • Helps remove fine dust, pollen, tobacco smoke and odour in the room.
    • Air purifying filters need to be replaced every three months.
    • Replace when colour turns dark even if filters are not three months old.

    Note: Once the air purifying filter elements get dirty, it is not reusable and must be thrown away.

    General Servicing

    • To achieve better air conditioning performance, periodical maintenance by a qualified service technician is recommended, apart from regular cleaning by the user.
    • Frequent usage of the air conditioning system as well as the environmental factors result in air conditioners turning dirty and dusty.
    • To improve the condition of the system and to prolong its life span, please contact our service shop for maintenance.
    • All maintenance costs are to be borne by the user.

    Safety Precautions

    • Do not place anything which is not water resistant under the indoor and outdoor unit.
    • Moisture in the air may condense on the indoor unit and drip on certain conditions.
    • For the outdoor unit, during the cooling operation, condensation may cause drips from the piping connections.
  • Userful Tips

    If there are any faults with your air conditioners, here are some tips:

    If air conditioner is not operating, check:

    • Power source plug is completely connected.
    • Power supply is not interrupted.
    • Batteries in the wireless remote control.
    • Any obstruction blocking the unit and the remote control signal.

    If cooling effect is poor, check:

    • Air filter is not clogged.
    • Any obstruction blocking the air inlet or outlet of the indoor or outdoor units.
    • Thermostat (temperature) is accurate.
    • Windows and doors are closed.
    • Airflow rate and air direction are set properly.
    • Remote control is in cooling mode.

    RED light is blinking, check:

    • If air filter is dirty.
    • If air inlet or outlet of the indoor or outdoor units are blocked.
    • Clean the air filters or take all obstacles away and turn the breaker OFF. Then turn it ON again and try operating the air conditioner with the remote controller.
    • If the lamp still flashes, call for service.
  • More Useful Tips

    For water leaks, check:

    • If the water from the drainage end of the pipe is flowing smoothly during cooling.
    • If there is no drain water, water may be leaking from the indoor unit. Stop operating and consult the service shop for general servicing.

    The cases mentioned below are normal

    If the indoor unit gives out odour:

    • This happens when smells from the room, furniture or cigarettes are absorbed into the unit and discharged with air flow.
    • If this happens, we recommend you have the indoor unit washed by a qualified technician. Consult the service shop where you bought the air conditioner.

    If the air conditioner emits sounds:

    • A flowing sound: This is the sound of refrigerant gas flowing in the air conditioner.
    • A snap sound: This is the sound produced when the indoor unit casing shrinks or expands slightly due to temperature changes.

    If the outdor unit emits water, in cool mode:

    • Moisture in the air condenses into water on the cool surface of the outdoor unit pipe, which causes water to drip.
    • Water from the outdoor unit must be discharged to a place of good drainage.